Day (in-game) Day (real-life)
Moonday Monday
Toilday Tuesday
Wealday Wednesday
Oathday Thursday
Fireday Friday
Starday Saturday
Sunday Sunday
Month (in-game) Month (real-life)
Abadius January
Calistril Feburary
Pharast March
Gozran April
Desnus May
Sarenith June
Erastus July
Arodus August
Rova September
Lamashan October
Neth November
Kuthona December


Sunday Rova 22, 4707 (Start of the game): The Swallowtail Festival happens in Sandpoint. The party meets for the first time and fend off the goblin invasion. 

Toilday Rova 24: Aldern Foxglove takes the heroes to the Tickwood forest to hunt boar.

Fireday, Rova 28: Father Zantus informs the mayor of the desecration of former priest Ezakien Tobyn's tomb. The Mayor and Sheriff request the party's aid. They check the tomb, encounter skeletons behind an illusory wall and discover a trail leading out of town. Upon returning to town they run into Bethana, the gnomish bartender that works at the rusty dragon and she informs the party that Ameiko is missing and that she found a letter from Ameiko's brother in her study. The party investigates the glassworks and finds it infested with goblins. They search the place and find a hidden portion underground, following the path leading towards the ocean they spot a crowd of goblins along with a humanoid with pointy ears and an unconscious person on the beach headed for a small sailing vessel. They dispatch the goblins and stop the boat.


Rise of the Runelords @ Armchair Adventurer theJC